Anahad Center for Education


Create an environment for every community member within a community set-up conducive for progressing towards an evolving consciousness. 


What is conducive environment:


  • Appropriate Support for developing excellence in at least one skill to live in harmony with self, others and nature.

  • Providing a framework of sustainable community which the community member can easily become a part of and which helps him/her achieve the goal of living in harmony 

  • Ensuring an insulated interface with the macro-system – an interface which can withstand the aggressive force of the macro-system like a market driven economy, greed based social rubric and so on...


Evolving Consciousness


  • Knows one's needs and works towards acquiring the required skill to fulfill the needs with an open, receptive and grateful mind

  • Makes wise choices for identifying the needs that

    • do not clash with the interest of other human beings

    • do not disturb the well-being of other living beings

    • do not stand against the larger cosmic design of the nature

Our Method

For age-group 4 - 24, we have a mentor-mentee set-up:


For children below 12, mentors are the parents

For children above 12 a child is encouraged to select a mentor from the community other than one’s own parents. The mentor and the parents work in close proximity for the holistic development of the child


For the age-group above 24, every community member chooses by himself/herself how he/she plans to work for his/her evolving consciousness.

Creative Constrains

  • Children below 16 years can participate in LS only if at least one of the parents are physically around

  • Earn to learn - Children need to earn readiness and capacity to hold to learn

  • No fixed classrooms - but mentor-learners can choose an appropriate place and carry out their work

  • Parents will not pay for the direct teaching-learning effort of the mentor because we understand imparting knowledge is priceless

  • The community and the Learning space finds out ways to support the mentors, if need be.

  • Every mentor is involved in some production based occupation that the community has taken up such as organic farming, eco-friendly toiletry making and so on. 

  • Dependency on text-books are minimized even though mentors are well aware of the study materials available in different areas.

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