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Construction using Stabilized mud brick.

If one looks at the current context of homes building, it is (i) full of hassles and unaffordable for dwellers (ii) poses difficult working conditions & discontinuous job for artisan building homes (iii) And the buildings have large carbon footprint and create huge waste.

At Anahad, we have started an enterprise which is trying to address these issues in a holistic way.

For home-dwellers our endeavor is to build homes that are long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful, affordable, and enable connection with Nature. Ensuring thermal comfort by driving natural ventilation through techniques like stack-effect.

For artisans, we offer holistic care, continuous employment and multiple skill development. As an example, health is cared-for by educating them about nourishment and offering nature-cure therapies for managing disease.

Last but not the least, the homes should have least possible impact on ecology through use of local & natural materials. As an example, stabilized mud-blocks are made from local soil. Cement and steel consumption is reduced by using filler blocks in RCC slab. Similarly, beautiful flooring is done through local stones,

At this stage we have build five homes and a community center. More importantly we have built a team of 30 artisans who are trained in building homes with eco-friendly methods and techniques.

The social enterprise is co-founded by Shabbar Husain and Mehlam Badshah. Shabbar Husain worked in software industry for 15+ years. With his love for people and nature, his new founded passion is to eco-construction. Mehlam Badshah is a budding architect with passion for design and commitment towards sustainability & well-being of artisans.

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