Meraki – Technology to amplify goodness


At one level our world is in the best shape. The average person better fed than ever. Infant mortality is at the lowest; child labor, illiteracy and unsafe water are lowest. Democracy is in. People don’t have to work as hard to just survive. At another level the story isn’t that great. The income inequality in the world is worse. Carbon levels have surpassed 400 PPM for the first time. Social media has spawned billions of “connections”, yet studies show that an average individual reports having just one real friend they can count on. Just one. And all this is tip of the iceberg.

At the core of these challenges is one fundamental issue: we have become profoundly disconnected. By losing connection to nature, we have created an ecological divide; by diluting connection with each other, we have manifested a socio-economic divide; and by ignoring connection with ourselves, we have deepened spiritual divide. Fundamental ideas to rebuild lost connections & forge new connections are needed.


Meraki is the technology venture of Anahad. The core goal for Meraki is to build technology that amplifies goodness, mends and deepens connections in the world and results in possibilities of inner transformation.


Meraki Goals 

  1. The primary goal of the Meraki organization would be to maximize overall human well-being through technology innovation, not investment return. We would be particularly interested in building technology that is unlikely to be built by market driven organizations.

  2. We aim to "do good well." which translates to being a self-sustaining organization that has high operational rigor and discipline. 

  3. The organization would be vehicle for deepening the inner transformation for people.



Founding Team

  1. Abid Ali – Software Development Leader with ~20 years of experience at Microsoft. He is also founding member of Anahad

  2. Kapil Malhotra – Software Development Leader with 20 years of experience at Microsoft and Kony (recently acquired by Temenos). Doing multiple experiments to help people at the bottom of the pyramid

  3. Mustafa Hussain – Senior Engineer at Cisco


Product Proposal

We are on a path to build multiple products which align to the core goals of amplifying goodness. One such product, LetsServe is built to execute a service project in an informal, voluntary and non-hierarchical setting. Some examples projects would be ‘an event for tree plantation’, ‘painting a school’, ‘cooking a meal as a community’, ‘making a community plastic free’, etc. LetsServe helps the service project initiator in planning the project into small detailed tasks and creates opportunity for his/her network of connections to volunteer themselves into small tasks which they can take responsibility for. It recommends the right set of tasks to every individual matching their interest areas, location and capacity.


Most important aspect of LetsServe is fostering genuine gratitude and creating deep connections through service.

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