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Wednesday and Saturday morning we (adult and children) go for a walk. Today (27/02/2019), we went to see barren land of our farm. Children were dragging themselves today, as we were not going outside of the farm like other days. There was not much excitement or energy. As we started walking first one child observe a tree and declared it is a moringa tree. Others argue and tried to give reason from their observation that it's not a moringa tree. As discussion and observation were going on, Same child who had declared found a cocoon on that tree. Everyone was delighted with the sight. A small discussion took place. Whether to take cocoon home or not. and wish of taking with us was denied as we want everyone to be at their right place.

Our walk continue with little more energy and less resistance. Walking further we found a small pit, in which there was nothing. Some more argument and reasoning went on and we continued our walk. There we found a good big pit. Adult spoke as approached near the pit," it must be 12 to 15 feet deep. "

Straight question what is feet?

Answer also followed , if two to three person of my height stand from the pit, will reach the height. Child shown there understanding by repeating and saying in their language. Our discussion started whether we can go down and come up or not? From which side and how?

As we discussed and observed one child went down and successfully came up. Followed by another child and mint plant were found inside the pit. That give enough encouragement to youngest one to go down. All went down and came up. Now it was time to come up from the other side. It was an adventure for them, sliding and going down, finding another variety of mint plants and finally coming up from two different places.

As we bid adieu to place, all said we should come here regularly and one child wanted to come the next day too. On our return journey, oldest girl show something. Walking were halted, few steps back a big stone were lying (see pic). Colourful sight and questions on faces.

'how rocks are formed?' 'how rocks get their colour?' upon answering few parts we discovered about rock cycle, cycle. Why things come in cycles.

Lot more connection with other learning.

We took this question during sharing (which we call expression time at evenings) from kids to further investigate as well as understand rock formation, finding types of rocks found in and around hyderabad as well as in the world.


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