anahad is a nurturing ground where individuals and families flourish by reestablishing and deepening connections with the self, fellow beings and nature.

It is an eco-community (Evolving, Commonly shared, Organically growing Community) in a farm ground, situated 55kms away from Hyderabad City. anahad provides multiple connection points for well-being and growth.

Change often begins with the individual, and gradually brings together a group of people working towards it. anahad is the brain-child of two brothers, brought into creation with support and participation of family and friends. We evolve organically and strive to connect to the 'anahad', the limitless.


Learning Space

Every moment of life, learning can take place.

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Creation Space

At anahad, we grow and create for the community and for the outside world. The Creation Space is one of the spaces concerned with making anahad financially sustainable. It works within the principles of love and service.

Our current domain of creation includes

    Meraki - IT firm - software and apps

    Eco-construction - building houses/space

   Agriculture - Growing own food

Living Space

The residents, guests, visitors and collaborators, all live in eco-friendly houses designed at anahad, and help in keeping everything functional and beautiful.

Grounded in the ideas of love and service, almost everyone participates in the preparation of food, either on the farm or in the community kitchen.

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


Connect to Anahad

Survey no. 117, narayanguda village, vikarabad, Narayangudem, Telangana 501111, India

099890 56642

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